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Paula Panizzi
Artist | Student | Varied
I'm a person who loves any kind of art style. I'm also a big dreamer, full of motivation, and I always want to learn new things, specially when it comes to be art related.

Got tagged by :iconthehaloguy:

As requested by Matt, I’ll be answering this interview with Puli and her partner, Saltamon. She has the same name as myself as a self-intro in the digimon world. In fact, she represents my childhood, and what would’ve become of me if I ever were in touch with that world for real. In the end, she became her own character, and even though I still see her as my impersonated childhood, she has lived her own adventures (much different from mine), and became her own self.

Rules are simple:
- Your OC should NOT lie! Have him or her be honest here. 
- Journal title should be "OC Interview".

To show who is answering:

P: Puli.

S: Saltamon.

Hi! What's your real name and nickname?

P: Why, Hello! My real name is Paula Panizzi, but everybody calls me Puli for short, this is my digital companion, Saltamon.

S: Actually, Saltamon is the name of my species. I haven’t encountered others as awesome as me, so I like to think I’m unique anyway.

Cool! What's your current age?

P: It is not polite to ask a woman for her age!

S: She’s 24. I’m ageless, forever young.

P: Saltamon!

What's your favorite food?

P: I like pasta, but I am very vulnerable to sweet things too. Maybe a cheesecake?

S: Nah, it has to be Pancakes. I mean, they are PANCAKES! What else do you need in your life?

What about your Favorite drink?

P: Well, that is easy, I can not start my day without a nice cup of coffee. I also drink another one on the afternoon and if I have to pull an all-nighter maybe I drink one or two more fills.

S: That’s not healthy you know? Try to drink more Coke, Coke is good.

P: I think it is as bad as coffee, maybe worse?

S: You wanted caffeine? you have caffeine.

Confession time! Anybody you have your eye on?

P: W-wait, you never said I had to answer this kind of questions! Er… should I? Oh, well, yes, of course, I have a boyfriend…

S: Awn, you are all red! Meanwhile I have my eye on Puli all the time. 

P: Eh?

S: Yeah, she’s clumsy, a do-gooder, too kind for her own safety, she can’t give a good punch, she’s gets scared easily, also doesn’t regulate her meals and sleep correc…


Say, uh... Have you kissed them?

P: -Blushes intensely-

S: Yes, they do, all the time, and it’s gross.

Who's your favorite author?

P: I love the Sci-Fi, fantasy stories of Eoin Colfer. Of course, he follows the steps of a much older writer, Isaac Asimov. I like the mystery in Conan Doyle’s writings and, how can I forget, Christopher Paolinni…

S: You know none of them are from your country, right? I’m sorry, I do not read, but when I was little Puli read out loud child stories for me and I loved them.

Whats both of your biggest fears?

P: Losing someone dear, but everybody has that fear. I fear disappointing the people I love, being a failure. 

S: You won’t be, you have me at your side, after all! All I fear is the day I would not be able to anymore.

Do you have any siblings? What do they do?

P: That’s a secret!

S: If I have them, I don’t know them, and I don’t care much about it.

Almost done with the interview! Who's your real hero?

P: I have much fictional heroes, but one in reality is my real hero…


P: -Blushes and hides-

Okay, who's your worst enemy?

P: I do not have enemies. I mean, I do not think I hate anybody… 

S: Black Geogreymon was my worst enemy, but Matthew and Puli debugged him, so now he’s a nasty, bossy, creepy guy with no sense of humor. He’s not that bad now though. I’m trying to forgive him.

Huh, alright. Who's your best friend?

P: I made a lot of friends while in the digital world. I think my best friend now is Shay, without a doubt.

S: Well, Lopmon is like a little sister to me, but I like to hang out with Kabumon and Lupmon more. They are quite the duo. I get so much fun with them.

Interesting... What would you do if you met your creator?

P: Oh! There is so much I want to tell it!

S: You piece of s***, stop putting Puli in such messes all the time! We could have a nice quiet life but nooooo, you have to always put a damn rock in the middle of the way. What will be next time? Eh? Robots? Aliens? Losing an arm? I DARE YOU, YOU LITTLE BAS…! –Puli cover his mouth-

P: Saltamon! Be polite!

Now, what's your worst memory?

P: My days at school were not so… nice. 

S: At the same time Puli was being bullied I lived in a digimon battlefield. Everyday I tried to save the eggs that were left there. At least until Geogreymon destroyed them all… and killed me once. It was thanks to that that I met Puli so… maybe it wasn’t that bad in the end.

What's your worst nightmare?

P: Once I dreamed about my friends laughing at me, saying I was worthless, I ended up hurting their shadows to make them go away…

S: That actually happened for real Puli…

P: Yes, I did not know I was controlled, that was the worst nightmare I ever had.

S: I can’t remember mine, but I think I would fear the same. Or having no food. Yes, starving would be also the worst nightmare ever. OR HAVING ONLY LETTUCE! DO YOU IMAGINE A WORLD WHERE YOU ONLY HAVE LETTUCE?!

What's your lifelong dream?

P: I want to be part of an organization that can help share both the digital and real world with humans and digimon alike. I want them to live adventures, to live in harmony with each other. Of course, I would like to do it next to the person I love.

S: And your loyal partner, of course!

P: Why, of course, Saltamon. It is because of you this became my dream, and also yours.

What would happen if your lifelong dream came true?

P: That’s the best part: A new dream will be born.

S: And new pancakes will be cooked. 

Okay, where's your favorite place to relax?

P: I do not have a specific place, but someplace quiet in the open, with little people. A cool breeze, the sun shining and a good tree to rest and read for a while.

S: If Puli is relaxing I can relax there too.

Final question! What do you spend most of your time doing?

P: Working, mostly. I stay most days on the rehabilitation center, where we attend to humans and digimon alike. With all the trouble around the world I get a lot less sleep these days. From there I can also coordinate Matt and the rest in their own missions as a backup.

S: I would like to say that I’m by Puli’s side all the time, but with all the things worsening I had to go out and work on the field too. She now stays more with Lunamon, who works as her secretary, while I try to help Matt and the rest to put the foot down on those pesky digital monsters.

We're done! Now tag whoever you want.

I would like to tag Shay and Kabumon! Go for it guys!




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