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Paula Panizzi
Artist | Student | Varied
I'm a person who loves any kind of art style. I'm also a big dreamer, full of motivation, and I always want to learn new things, specially when it comes to be art related.
Okay, so this is it. Sorry for the late announcement, but these days I was a little bit busy.
Anyway! here they are! the winners!! 

:iconviva-la-veritas: She deserves it. She pointed out some things that I've never noticed myself, like details. (And I feel flattered for a while XD)
:iconmakie-chu: For pointing out that tipography is also art. Well said!
:iconhyperionnova: For the deep analysis. When you usually like something, you take the time to watch it closely and learned from it, I think that's really important.

Congratulations to the winners!! I'll ask them to send me a note with their requests and I'll have them as soon as I can.
And of course, thanks everyone for participating!!

Until next year!!
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BnB: New Dawn for Aventura 06 by Puli-wind
BnB: New Dawn for Aventura 06
I noticed i suck drawing battle scenes...

Puli and Saltamon's APP:

EDIT: Seems the dialogues may have to change a little. I'll review them later.
Shaula by Puli-wind
On october last year our writting group, Vita Crystallis, entered a Spanish contest. We had to write a light novel and we chose to share a kind of fantasy/epic-science fiction novel. 

The story starts when Kale, the main character, and his best friend Clea, a Cevadriell, (and her pet, Winter, a rare Scapelin) were hunting on the field. Their town is attacked by a giantic silver dragon, eating all the people in the village. Without any other place to go, both teenagers decide to have revenge and kill the dragon, but when they enter the cave where the beast might live they find out that not everything is as it seems: A sinister plan, a madman, and the true story behind the long lost village of Shaula, Kale's birthplace.

However, we did not win.
I think it was a great story though, perhaps not the best on the contest but my friends and I put a lot of effort on those 140 pages. We still have faith on publishing it one day and since we are so attached to the characters we decided to (perhaps) make a manga about it. We still do not know about that.
Anyway, here is a poster in honor to our hard work. We are not giving up just yet.

PS: Sorry about the watermark, I am one of those who hate it. But since this book MIGHT be released I don't want to take risks.
UPDATE NOTE: Since it's summer and I live in Argentina, it's common for us have POWER CUTS from time to time, so if the stream is stopped out of the blue, then is because the power is down. Sorry for the trouble, I hope you can enjoy it anyway.

Hello everyone! I'll be quick! 
I'll be painting a drawing on livestream. Feel free to join and ask as many questions as you'd like!
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HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope Matt can give Puli a kiss ;p
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Puli-wind Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2014  Student General Artist
hahaha thank you very much Lucky!! :hug:
I wish you a nice day also! (and thanks for the cakes ;D )
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I always think of deviants as llama herders. Makes it fun that way to imagine that one llama in a suit amongst the herd (or if its wearing a king outfit xD). 
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Hey Puly F.e.l.i.z. c.u.m.p.l.e
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Muchas gracias Shirube!!
Best wishes! :hug:
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